Is it Necessary to Service Water Softeners?

Absolute Water Ltd Servicing Water Softeners

The necessity of getting your water softener cleaned depends on how you prioritise staying healthy. You must get your water softener serviced if you do not want you or your family to fall sick. But, if you are still hesitant about it, check out the importance of the service –

1. Cleaning It 

The brine tank needs to be cleaned and your resins too require a recharge. This can be only done by a water treatment professional. It is essential to regularly clean the water system to ensure that it only dispenses clean water. The water treatment expert will also check the salt bridging of the brine tank and keep it sanitised.

2. Maintenance 

Agree with it or not, but every appliance requires maintenance. It is the same with water softeners in Kent as well. There are parts inside your softener that are continually moving and need care like the o-rings wearing out or the softener’s valve requiring maintenance.

If your water softener is not serviced or maintained regularly it can dispense unhealthy water. You can appoint a water treatment specialist to check the water quality before or after maintaining the water softener.

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A Comparison Between Water Softening and Water Filtration

Comparison Water Softener and Filtration System Croydon

Water is something that we can’t live without, even for a day.
Are you confused about a water filter and a water softener? You will have your question answered from the differences laid down between the two –

Water Softener –

  • Just as the name suggests, it is used to remove the hardness from the water.
  • Ion-exchanged resins and salts are used in the water softener to eliminate calcium and magnesium from the water.
  • Softener, which is salt-based needs regular maintenance and the non-salt one requires lesser maintenance.
  • A water softener can be installed for a lower price.
  • A water softener filtration system is much more affordable by all means.
  • A water softener is known to dispense healthy water.
  • Water dispensed from water softener tastes and smells better.

Water Filter –

  • It removes any contaminants from the water.
  • It uses micro-filtration, Oxidation, catalytic conversion, and many more to make the water drinkable.
  • Water filters, on the other hand, do not necessarily require regular maintenance.
  • It is more expensive to install a water filter.
  • Water dispensed from a water filter does not necessarily have any health benefits.
  • There is no significant taste or smell in the water dispensed from a water filter.

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